Invisible Waterproof LED Light – Boom Installation Kit


Invisible waterproof LED lighting kit designed for installation on underside of boom for elegant and discrete cockpit lighting.

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Light up your cockpit with this unique invisible LED lighting kit.

Most yachts face a real challenge when it comes to lighting the cockpit for entertaining at night, as there is rarely a convenient overhead location to mount light fittings to provide good ambient light. We’ve come up with a solution – by discretely mounting a strip of waterproof LED lights on the underside of the boom, you can provide bright ambient light from above without worrying about ugly fittings that will catch or chafe.

The strip of bright LEDs sealed in crystal clear silicon installs quickly and easily into a track on the underside of the boom. Ideally, the lights should be completely recessed into a track, leaving no protrusions to chafe or catch on lines or sails. The kit comes with an IP67-rated waterproof connector and 4 metre fly-lead, giving you the choice of permanent wiring through your boom and mast, or a removable fly-lead that you connect to a deck socket only when entertaining at night.

To order, first measure the length of unobstructed track on the underside of your boom that overhangs the cockpit and round up to the nearest metre. You can easily shorten the supplied strip with sharp knife or sturdy pair of scissors.

This kit provides a bright white light from above, providing ample illumination of the cockpit and surrounding deck area without blinding your guests.


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Weight .5 kg
Dimensions 45 × 45 × 3 cm
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